Funding a Card
Direct Deposit to the BRilliant Card
The BRilliant Card provides a new level of convenience and security to payroll. Upon enrollment in a BRilliant Card, you will be provided with an account number and routing number for direct deposits and fund transfers from external bank accounts to your card. Provide this information to your employer and indicate if you want all or a portion of your payroll deposited on the BRilliant Card.
The benefits are clear:
♦  No waiting in line to cash checks. You will have access to your funds immediately after activation and within two (2) hours after reloading.
♦  Avoid check cashing fees.
♦  Improve personal budgeting. The BRilliant Card provides a record of how funds are spent.
♦  Fund transfers directly from external bank accounts.
Adding Cash to the BRilliant Card
Adding cash to your Brilliant Card is fast and easy. Find a location near you offering Green Dot Reload@ the Register and follow the prompts to load funds to the BRilliant Card. When using Reload@ the Register, a service fee of up to $4.95 applies. Reload limits apply.

Reload with a MoneyPak